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Donated Dental Services (DDS)

Access Partnership manages the DDS program for VDA components 1&2 (Greater Hampton Roads – Peninsula and Southside plus Virginia’s Eastern Shore).

ELIGIBILITY: Many dentists in our area have volunteered to provide dental care at little or no charge to people who, because of a disability, advanced age or serious medical problems, do not have income to pay for needed dental care.

To qualify for the DDS program, an individual must meet one of the following requirements:

·        Elderly (Over age 65) or

·        Permanently disabled (receiving SSI, SSDI) or

·        Being treated for a serious medical condition which requires dental care to improve the condition or treatment options (i.e. transplants, chemotherapy, uncontrolled diabetes, heart surgery)

In addition the applicant must meet all of the following criteria:

·        Demonstrate sufficient financial need (household income must be within 150% federal poverty guidelines)

·        Have reliable transportation

·        Require comprehensive dental care (more than simply a check-up, cleaning, or dentures only)

COST: There is usually no cost to those who qualify but individuals who can pay for part of their care will be asked to do so, especially when laboratory work is involved.

Call 757-502-7400 Option 3

Give Back a Smile

Adult (18+) women and men who have received dental injuries to any of the front 8 teeth only, (otherwise known as the "smile-zone") from a former intimate partner or spouse (husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend), family member, or sexual violence (sexual assault and/or rape). Human trafficking is taken into consideration.  

(800) 773-4227


Health Care for the Homeless (HCH) Program

The HCH program emphasizes a multi-disciplinary approach to delivering care to homeless persons and includes dental care through FQHCs that receive funding.

Hampton Roads Community Health Center (HRCHC)

Norfolk and Portsmouth sites


Southeastern Virginia Health System (SEVHS)

Hampton, Newport News and Suffolk sites


Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program

The Dental Programs provide additional funding for oral health care for people with HIV. http://hab.hrsa.gov/abouthab/partfdental.html

Fact Sheet: http://hab.hrsa.gov/abouthab/files/oral_health_fact_sheet.pdf

Dental services are available at HRCHC and SEVHS sites with dental clinics. https://locator.aids.gov/

Smiles for Children

Find a safety net dentist or locate a private dentist who accepts Smiles for Children & other programs visit: http://www.dentaquestgov.com

Western Tidewater Dental Voucher Program

Eligibility: Residents of the cities of Suffolk and Franklin; Surry, Dendron and Elberon in the eastern half of Surry County; Waverly and Wakefield in Sussex County; Boykins, Newsoms, Courtland, Sedley and Ivor in Southampton County; Isle of Wight County; and Gates County, North Carolina.

Acute dental needs (pain, infection, extensive decay or condition affecting health), Adults over age 18, no dental insurance, no resources to pay for dental care, within 200% poverty level.

Intake: Through a referral fromcommunity agency or by calling757-502-7400 Option #4. Financial screening and application including proof of income and residency are required. Once approved, a dental voucher is provided which can be used at participating dental offices. Voucher is limited to $300 per person per year.

Possibly without this Community Access to Care program I don't know how I would get the needed care for an ankle that was operated on 2 year ago and is forming badly! I need my foot! Thank you!!!

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