PIN MINISTRIES – Pankey Dental Access Days – May 2009

United Way – Meet Ruth (August 2010)

Dental Outreach at Ebenezer Baptist Church (2011)

Dental Outreach at Ebenezer Baptist Church (2012)

Oral Cancer Screenings (April 2013)

Sentara – Why do we need the health safety net (2013)

Sentara – Meet those that have benefited from the healthcare safety net (2013)

Sentara – What is the healthcare Safety Net (2013)

Bear In Mind Strategies – Rotary Smiles program recipient (July 2014)

Rotary Club of Norfolk – Dental Day at the Foleck Center (July 2014)
a. Adam Foleck talks about the importance of Rotary Smiles and why he loves being a Rotarian: (3:15)
b. Two Rotary Smiles participants share how their new teeth will be life-changing: (:58)

11. Rotary Club of Norfolk – Denture Delivery at Foleck Center (October 2014)

We were out in the community doing enrollment classes for the medical program and its great to see an organization make a real difference in peoples lives. I got to speak with some of the patients and they were really grateful for the programs.

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